CSS: Layout with Grids

Using CSS layouts with grids means rethinking the way we layout and organise information on our websites. CCS Grid is the first true two-dimensional layout tool that allows designers to tackle content layout as one whole cohesive piece instead of miscellaneous bits of content jammed together with no order or structure. Designers are now workingContinue reading “CSS: Layout with Grids”

Intellectual Property and Open Source Code

I will explaining how to figure out if a piece of source code is open source or not, The Open Source Initiative defines open source code using a criteria of 10 factors that must be met to for software or its associated license to be consider open source. Let’s look at these 10 factors: FreeContinue reading “Intellectual Property and Open Source Code”

Navigation in Design

It’s important as a designer to think about who exactly you are creating your site for. What kind of consumer? What kind of audience? Some designers find it helpful to sketch out the characteristics  of the visitors of their site, what’s important to them, what are they there to achieve, and what might deter them from usingContinue reading “Navigation in Design”

Accessibility in Design

As designers its our job to think about making our products accessible to everyone, we should be thinking of ways of making our products accessible from the start which is what I’ll be discussing in this blog post When we create designs, we use several tools to communicate. One of the most obvious tools weContinue reading “Accessibility in Design”

Aesthetics in Design and Web

Aesthetically pleasing and good designs are vital to the web industry. They help communicate a mood, or a feeling that goes beyond the general content of the design. In the era of the internet and smartphones, design aesthetic has evolved to include other senses like hearing and touch.  Designs for the web should be fluid as it’s necessary now forContinue reading “Aesthetics in Design and Web”

Reviewing Designer VS Developer

The first post from Creative Review that I’ll be reviewing is “Designer vs Developer #20: How Chrome was designed 10 years ago”: In the post, Mustafa Kurtuldu (a Google Design Advocate) speaks to Darin Fisher (VP for Google Chrome) about the process of designing a web browser and the evolution of Chrome during its 10 yearsContinue reading “Reviewing Designer VS Developer”

The Guide to an Efficient Workflow

When users try to learn more about the term web design workflow, you’ll find that most results you’ll find online focus on the entirety of the web design and development process, from researching and defining the extent of work, gathering content, mapping out and wireframing, to designing tips, production, types of testing, and advice for post launch site maintenance. While that informationContinue reading “The Guide to an Efficient Workflow”

Users First: The Objective of Content Strategy

In web production, an important goal is creating the best user experience (UX), a fundamental way of doing this is through content strategy. In this post, I’ll be explaining what content strategy is as well as the goals of content strategy. What is content strategy, you may be asking? Content strategy is an umbrella termContinue reading “Users First: The Objective of Content Strategy”

Preparing Images for Web: Photoshop v GIMP

In this post, I’ll be explaining some of the differences between exporting files from Photoshop and GIMP for the web. Specifically, I will be explaining how to use the controls in the Save for Web dialogue box in Photoshop and how to save JPEG and PNG files in GIMP  Photoshop: In the case that you are exportingContinue reading “Preparing Images for Web: Photoshop v GIMP”

Web Fonts: The Difference between Internal and External

Users are no longer limited to web-safe fonts as web fonts don’t require users to have fonts installed. There are two methods of using web fonts: using an internal or external source. I will be explaining the differences between the two. Internal Source: Internal font sources are downloaded font files on your device that are included in your project’s fileContinue reading “Web Fonts: The Difference between Internal and External”

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