Aesthetics in Design and Web

Aesthetically pleasing and good designs are vital to the web industry. They help communicate a mood, or a feeling that goes beyond the general content of the design. In the era of the internet and smartphones, design aesthetic has evolved to include other senses like hearing and touch. 

Designs for the web should be fluid as it’s necessary now for designs to adapt to a variety of devices that our users use, which requires far more thought and detail than design styles used for print content.

In design, first impressions are vital. A good or bad design can change how you feel or associate with a brand. Good design are more likely produce positive feelings and trust towards your product. Good design can have as much influence on a consumers as non-visual things like prices. As a web designer, you have a responsibility to create good designs for your audience.

There are formal principles and elements of design which can be as guides in making important aesthetic and design-related decisions that can help you create more unique designs. Elements of design are the basic components involved with creating any design. Principles of design are the rules of design. The main difference between the two is that principles are like the rules you should follow, while elements are things that will help you follow those rules for the best outcome.

There are eight elements of design that you should always remember: color, value, texture, shape, form, space, line and type.

Finally, a short video that does a deep dive on the history and meaning of aesthetics:

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