CSS: Layout with Grids

Using CSS layouts with grids means rethinking the way we layout and organise information on our websites. CCS Grid is the first true two-dimensional layout tool that allows designers to tackle content layout as one whole cohesive piece instead of miscellaneous bits of content jammed together with no order or structure. Designers are now workingContinue reading “CSS: Layout with Grids”

Intellectual Property and Open Source Code

I will explaining how to figure out if a piece of source code is open source or not, The Open Source Initiative defines open source code using a criteria of 10 factors that must be met to for software or its associated license to be consider open source. Let’s look at these 10 factors: FreeContinue reading “Intellectual Property and Open Source Code”

Web Fonts: The Difference between Internal and External

Users are no longer limited to web-safe fonts as web fonts don’t require users to have fonts installed. There are two methods of using web fonts: using an internal or external source. I will be explaining the differences between the two. Internal Source: Internal font sources are downloaded font files on your device that are included in your project’s fileContinue reading “Web Fonts: The Difference between Internal and External”

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