Users First: The Objective of Content Strategy

In web production, an important goal is creating the best user experience (UX), a fundamental way of doing this is through content strategy. In this post, I’ll be explaining what content strategy is as well as the goals of content strategy.

What is content strategy, you may be asking?

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Content strategy is an umbrella term that covers the planning for, development of, and management of content. It’s about bringing the right content to the right audience in the appropriate place, time and context.

In the era of print, everything from size of the page to distribution numbers could be tightly controlled by a company. However, in the modern era, web designers can’t control how users access content, what devices they’ll use or how they’ll access content tomorrow.

While there can be a content strategist within a team as a single position, the role is just as often assumed other team members as roles within the designing process benefit from an understanding of a content strategy

This is because looking back at how we defined content strategy earlier:

It’s about bringing the right content to the right audience in the appropriate place, time and context.

this means we should make sure the content that we provide is accurate, up-to-date, and appropriate. To ensure this, different team members must communicate of ideas with an in-depth understanding of their audience’s need, and the web designers’ communication style.  

Simply put content strategy is the art of clear communication. It is to understand and speak for both the content and its audience.

Finally, I’d like to add a video that gives a quick summary on what content strategy is:

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