The Guide to an Efficient Workflow

When users try to learn more about the term web design workflow, you’ll find that most results you’ll find online focus on the entirety of the web design and development process, from researching and defining the extent of work, gathering content, mapping out and wireframing, to designing tips, production, types of testing, and advice for post launch site maintenance. While that information is extremely useful, most of those online sources barely describe thewhat goes on during the extremely important design phase of workflows.

There are four key components to the workflow that new and old designers keep in mind: 





Designers typically start by wireframing to get a sense of the site’s structure and layout. This stage is where you would layout the initial ideas for layout and content placement. Then move on to brainstorming ideas in multiple sketchs, adding more detail to those initial ideas form the wireframes. Next a designer would typically create a moodboard that should capsulate the aesthetic of the website, at this stage you should be considering logo designs and colour schemes. From there comes a the final mock ups with all of the previous ideas from the previous stages coming to life in the mock up stage. Then finally, the final touches and revisions are done before finalising the design.

A web design workflow is the process you follow as you develop a design for a website. To work efficiently, there should always be some logic to the tasks you perform to create the design. The main aim is to work as efficiently and streamlining the design process.

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